On a freezing night in 1778, General George Washington vanishes. Walking away from the Valley Forge encampment, he takes a fall and is knocked unconscious, only to reappear at a dog park on San Francisco Bay—in the summer of 2014.

Washington befriends two Berkeley twenty-somethings who help him cope with the astonishing—and often comical—surprises of the twenty-first century.

Washington’s absence from Valley Forge, however, is not without serious consequences. As the world rapidly devolves around them—and their beloved Giants fight to salvage a disappointing season—George, Tim, and Matt are catapulted on a race across America to find a way to get George back to 1778.

Equal parts time travel tale, thriller, and baseball saga, Finding George Washington is a gripping, humorous, and entertaining look at what happens when past and present collide in the 9th inning, with the bases loaded and no one warming up in the bullpen.

 *    *    *

Finding George Washington has got a little something for everyone, really. It’s broadly categorized as science fiction, because people travel through time, but it takes place primarily in our familiar modern world. No spaceships, no aliens, no dilithium crystals. It’s an action thriller, with an exciting chase, the characters catapulted into a race against time to save the world.

It’s funny, it’s poignant, and it examines weighty subjects like slavery and racism. It’s a historical novel of sorts, with accurately drawn portraits of important people who lived long ago. It draws on baseball for metaphor and emotion, specifically the pennant race in 2014. And it’s got trains! Long train trips where anything can happen. Plus a little romance and a heroic dog. What more could you want?


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