Write a Review

If you have an Amazon account, please consider posting a brief review and rating on the book’s Amazon page. Customer reviews are helpful for potential readers and do boost book sales. You should be able to do this, even if you bought the book elsewhere.

It’s easy to do. Log in to your Amazon account, search for the book by title or author name, look for the byline by Bill Zarchy just under the title at the top. Under my name, you’ll see 5 stars + the number of ratings so far. Click on either of these to get to the Customer Reviews section of the page. Look for this button:

Click on Write a customer review, and you should see a form to enter your rating and review. If we have a personal or professional connection, please do not mention that in your review.

Also, note that a review can be just a couple of words long. “Great book!” for example. Doesn’t need to be in-depth, formal literary criticism. Just a brief comment, or perhaps a sentence or two on what you liked about it. It could take a few hours or a few days for Amazon to post your review.

If you don’t have an Amazon account or would prefer to stay away from them, there are other places to leave reviews, such as Goodreads and many other bookstores. Thanks a lot for your consideration.