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“Sprawling and suspenseful … Zarchy takes full advantage of the premise’s opportunities for poignancy and hilarity … (his) crisp prose shines from the get-go as he manages to map a sophisticated tale of time travel with significant tension and memorable characters. Takeaway: This alluring mix of time-travel, American history, and baseball will rope in readers of socio-political thrillers.”

— Publishers Weekly BookLife

“The narrative picks up the pace and ratchets up the tension, and the threads of time travel, espionage, baseball, race, and colonialism weave tighter as the plot barrels towards an action-packed climax … Real study and real love come through at every turn: it savors precise historical detail; the heroes turn Washington (and the reader) into fans and aficionados of modern baseball; confusion and suspicion prompt discussion of colonial-era and modern spycraft. Fortunately the content never overwhelms the language itself. The pacing is light and fast, and the confident, flexible prose manages to drive that pace while also conveying its boundless enthusiasm for information

” … Finding George Washington has at its heart the evils of racism and colonialism. It boldly confronts this important territory: in nearly the first scene between Washington and a contemporary black American the issue of slavery arises, and the pair keeps engaging throughout their adventures … Sprightly and fun in structure, but with big themes and solid research underpinning it, Finding George Washington will please readers of soft science fiction, light spy thrillers, or popular history.”  

— IndieReader

“As the story evolves against the backdrop of the Giants playoff games and San Francisco fog, readers receive a fine blend of thriller intrigue and California atmosphere in a time travel tale that creates many gripping moments. Readers of alternate history or time travel stories, especially those who hold a prior affection for either Washington or baseball, will find the story delightful as Washington explores the wonders of a very different world and contemplates what he will bring home with him—if ever he can return.”

— D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Ending with a twist, this time travel novel is a history-minded work that questions which cultural influences best define the US.” 

— Clarion Reviews

The premise of Finding George Washington is far-fetched, counterfactual, and completely charming. (The novel) is a mix of a travel tale and a thriller crime story … a compelling thread that entertains while it informs. Curl up for a binge read, enjoy the ride, and then prepare yourself for yearning. When it’s over, you’ll miss (the characters). You’ll think about them as you go about your day, especially George.”

— Nancy Graham Holm, Daily Kos

“Well written, with a compelling plot … plays with changes in the past affecting the future in new and interesting ways. The characters are interesting, and the story never gets predictable, so I was kept hooked to the end.”

— Manhattan Book Review (5-star review)

“The book has well-developed characters, entertaining adventures (including a cross-country train trek), and fun moments … engaging throughout … history buffs with an appreciation for time-travel tropes should find much to like here.”

— BlueInk Review

“A wonderful story. It’s funny, it’s gripping reading and it’s highly entertaining, a real story of the past meeting the present with comical and sometimes disastrous consequences. Baseball, time travel, this story has all the elements of an epic tale and you will struggle to put it down. It’s action all the way, in the past and the present, in a unique tale that is as far away from the normal time travel tales as it could be. With fantastically developed characters, you come to know a George Washington that you’ve only ever read about in history books personally.”  

— Anne-Marie Reynolds, Readers’ Favorite (5-star review)

“A charming work that combines a lot of different genres to create a surreal yet classic tale that celebrates true Americana. An adventure that could be read, discussed, and enjoyed by different generations because of its common themes and bright spirit. The characterization of George Washington himself was also nicely balanced between historical and modern narration, allowing us to celebrate the best qualities of this famed general, but also to have his eyes opened to the new world by the modern characters.”

— K. C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite (5-star review)

“As a big fan of time travel, the book gave me a new and fresh experience that left a mark. It was thrilling and hilarious to read about the culture shock and wonder that Washington experienced with the dress styles, technological advancements, mobile games, and a black president in the year 2014. Bill Zarchy’s book had me glued to the adventurous train rides, spine-chilling encounters with killers, and interesting historical facts.”  

— Foluso Falaye, (5-star review)

“In Zarchy’s rollicking book … Tim and Matt’s big adventure as George’s sidekicks and confidantes includes laugh-out-loud experiences as well as contemplative passages that will have the reader taking a pause. Picture Tim pulling out a dollar bill and comparing its photo to the man who has accepted his hospitality and is now snuggling under his sister’s Hello Kitty quilt. Listen in as a miffed Matt enlightens George on the topic of slavery. Experience a Major League Baseball game along with first-timer George. Imagine George’s thoughts as he watches the sun setting over 7 million residents in the San Francisco Bay area, “… contemplating the massive growth of this nation he was nursing through its infancy.” Finding George Washington is a book that will touch readers on many levels.”  

— Donna Parrey, Readers’ Favorite, (5-star review)

“A fun-filled time-traveling adventure … one of those tales where a smile is etched on your face … deftly captures the sense of wonder and bewilderment in George while getting accustomed to life in 2014.”

 — Pikasho Dek


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