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In Praise of Research

I had the idea for Finding George Washington when I was a kid. I used to challenge myself: how would I explain the workings of modern technology to George Washington, if he were suddenly to appear? Did I understand the basics of photography or the internal combustion engine well enough to explain them to someone […]

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A Visit to Mount Vernon

We walk through the gate and approach the main house from the northwest. The first impression, across the broad expanse of the Bowling Green, is of a huge, magnificent, white stone mansion, set on a low hill overlooking the Potomac River. My wife and I are excited to visit Mount Vernon. After years of researching

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Independence Hall

I’ve always been drawn to the architecture of Independence Hall, site of so much U. S. history—that familiar old, red-brick-white-trim, Georgian-style façade, complete with iconic bell tower, arched windows, embedded clock, and white steeple. The familiarity is enhanced by the fact that dozens of public buildings mimic the look of Independence Hall. Two of these are

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Train to Philly

Here’s a Photo Album from a coast-to-coast research trip I took aboard Amtrak’s California Zephyr from California to Chicago, the Lakeshore Limited from Chicago to New York, and a commuter train from New York to Philadelphia.

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Video: Random scenes from the California Zephyr. Nothing much happens in this video, but it will give you a good idea of what it’s like to travel on the Zephyr.  Excerpts from Finding George Washington: A Time Travel Tale   •  “Besides the two locomotives, the California Zephyr consisted of a baggage car, three coach

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